If you’ve watched any of my Overlord Playthrough, you’ve heard me say that it came from the Twitter account @OverlordGame run by “Gnarl” becoming active again.  Gnarl has been teasing with photos like these that there may be another Overlord in the works.

overlord 3 helmet

Both the Gnarl account and Codemasters announced today that there is another Overlord game in the works, but it’s not going to be Overlord 3.  Some of the original Overlord team has been brought back for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.  Fans of the series who saw the trailer and dev diary videos today were split.

The developers have been very clear that this isn’t intended to be Overlord 3.  Instead, it’s a completely different style of game that they’ve decided to work into the Overlord universe as a sort of side game.  Many different series have done this over the years with varying degrees of success.  Another series with the same epic-rpg-in-a-cheeky-universe feel to it, Fable, has taken a similar direction with announcing Fable Legends.  This too has been met with a lot of uncertainty by players who are long time fans of the series.

The Story

Deviousness and destruction abound as these doers-of-dastardly-deeds combine their maniacal talents! For they must reluctantly work together to overcome the challenges ahead, as they embark on… a little fancy of mine… the Trials of Evil… (TM!)

These undead servants of the dark arts, resurrected in the absence of a true Overlord… This “Fellowship of Evil” made up of our four freshly revived and foul smelling Netherghūls  need to work together and try not to kill each other while maintaining an expected level of evil. They’ll need to destroy all that is good on their way through the Netherworld and unleash hell on the world above!

overlord 3 charactersThe Netherghuls

Evil, it seemed, was on its last legs. We Minions searched high and low until we found our salvation.

All that remained was to find the right evil candidates. Dead evil candidates.

The brutal Inferna, legendary warrior, crushed in aggressive altercations with rock trolls.

Devilish necromancer Malady who extinguished her own life in return for a nefarious dark curse.

Dwarven rogue Hakon and dark elf Prince Cryos – killed by each other’s hand. A two-for-one evil bargain!

The Netherghuls are a stand-in for a proper Overlord until one is found.  Meanwhile, the minions are still in desperate need of saving.  There can be no Overlord if the minions are destroyed before a true one is found.  The heroes seem to fit the archetypes of warrior, rogue, healer/dark magic, and mage but it’s yet to be seen exactly how they fit together as a party.  Fellowship of evil is single-player friendly with each character having their own strength and weakness, but it seems intended to be done with others.

I personally would love to see the Netherghūls stay on as a part of the series as the lieutenants of the Overlord in Overlord 3.

Staying Open Minded

I’m a huge fan of the series and I won’t be losing hope for this game because it’s not a direct follow-up to Overlord 2.  The developers intended this to be a different kind of game set in the universe I’ve loved since I got my first glimpse of those big-eyed brown minions and I’m going into it with an open mind.

For updates, you can follow Codemasters and Gnarl on Twitter (and while you’re at it you can follow me too!)

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