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The steam workshop was offering a paid mods section for Skyrim for a short time, but it’s been scrapped due to an overwhelming outcry from the community. Bethesda may have jumped the gun on putting the model out and we may have jumped the gun demanding they get rid of   Read More ...

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Do esports have a place on networks like ESPN or should we have our own network for them?  One commentator made some pretty harsh comments about the gaming community I had to respond.

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If you’ve watched any of my Overlord Playthrough, you’ve heard me say that it came from the Twitter account @OverlordGame run by “Gnarl” becoming active again.  Gnarl has been teasing with photos like these that there may be another Overlord in the works. Both the Gnarl account and Codemasters announced   Read More ...

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It’s been announced that Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to make a movie out of jumpscare-filled horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s.  Excuse me while I go to the theater with a blanket to half-hide my eyes behind in anticipation of said inevitable jumpscares. If you’re not familiar   Read More ...

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