This Is Our Story

The Gamer Life Vlogs were started by Alloy Seven at the end of 2014 and have become a way for gaming Youtubers to share a round-table discussion of video games and gaming culture.  Here are some of our current legionaries’ vlog playlists.  If you have a channel and want to have your Gamer Life playlist added to this page, send a link to the playlist to  Happy gaming!


Here are the topics that we’ve covered so far in Season One

  • Level 1 – This is Our Story
  • Level 2 – Our Top Games of 2014
  • Level 3 – Seeking Solace
  • Level 4 – What Is Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Game?
  • Level 5 – What Games Are You Most Hyped For In 2015?
  • Level 6 – Happy Valentine’s Day Surprise
  • Level 7 – What Two Words Describe You As A Gamer?
  • Level 8 – How Long Should Games Be?
  • Level 9 – Can We Outgrow Video Games?
  • Level 10 – Do Video Games Need Stories?
  • Level 11 – How Important Is A Video Game’s Soundtrack?

Want to Do Your Own Gamer Life Vlogs?

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