Hello internet.  My name is Aelis.

 I’m a 27 year old, suburban living, happily-married housewife and mother of two.

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Oh, and I spend my free time playing video games.

aelis andura

Every Hero Has An Origin Story

I started playing games with the original Nintendo at my grandparents’ house and it led to a lifelong love of them.  I was pretty strictly a console gamer through 1998 when I discovered Warcraft and Doom on a used computer my parents bought.  For the next decade I’d split my time between consoles and PC before settling now as primarily a PC gamer.

Peeking Behind The Curtain

I started working for video game stores on my 16th birthday and worked for several different ones until I had my first child in 2008.  Getting to be around “my people” was rewarding, and it gave me access to talking to reps from many different game companies.  It deepened my appreciation for what goes into getting those games to us and I’m thankful to have had the experiences I did.  I’ve been working at home for the last couple of years as a lifestyle blogger and wanted to bring the passion I developed for games and my experience as a pseudo-journalist together.  Here we are.

Joining Youtube

My kids are getting older now, giving me a lot more free time.  To fill it up, I’ve started recording my video game misadventures and shenanigans and uploading them to Youtube.  Being in the house all day is lonely and this gives me a chance to share my favorite way of passing the time with people who enjoy it too.  I’ve started to make some great friends through Youtube and see myself beginning to open up again.

Wanna Be Friends?

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I’m happy, loving, and unapologetically silly.  I choose to live life without regrets and embrace all the good in my life, gaming included.  Although it may not “fit” into the image of the everyday housewife in the ‘burbs, I’m content with and proud of who I am.


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Other Places You Can Find Me

AelisIRL.com: A blog about the other parts of me.  Vlogs, beauty, and a gratuitous amount of geeky nail art.

Email Me

I try to answer all emails as quickly as I can get to them.  You can send me a message to aelisandura@gmail.com

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