Overall score 70

Welcome eager young investor, to a market without risk.  AdVenture Capitalist is a “capitalism simulator” that allows you to start your investments small with a lemonade stand, or two, or two hundred, and move up to investing in Oil Rigs.

adventure capitalist

Each level of investment, ten in total, takes a different length of time to fill up the bar and produce the cash from each business.  Your ten lemonade stands and twenty newspaper delivery services run at the same time, starting when you click their icon.  Investing in a manager for each business allows them to run themselves with no need to come back to collect profits.  This allows overnight collection as the game continues to run the profits while it’s off.

adventure capitalist managers

After one week of gameplay, about 5 hours of that active play and the rest letting it gain money for me, I have to say that there’s something missing.  You get double on your gains for a while after watching ads (Get it, “Ad”venture?) and getting different amounts of the investments will double the speeds (25, 50, 100 banks will double the speed each time).  Otherwise it’s more of something you sit and watch as the profits roll and purchase more of each business as you go along.

adventure capitalist investing

The unique feature of this is that you can earn “Angel Investors” by getting lots of profits and starting over by selling your investments.  The angel investors will give you a 2% bonus each for your next time through. This angel investor claim can be earned on its own or purchased with a real money shop (causing you to not have to sell and start over to get the investors you’re entitled to from how much profit you’ve generated), but you don’t feel pressure to spend if you’re patient.

Worth Playing, But Not Yet Worth Staying

AdVenture Capitalist is certainly an interesting model for a game and I love the 1950s-60s feel to the graphics, but I have to say it’s missing something to make it any kind of “long term” mobile game.  I’d love to see the addition of random events that affect how you invest or your profits.  I.e. “Very hot summer” would drive up lemonade stand profits for a few hours or “broken rig” would make you lose profits from “X” amount of your oil rigs for a few hours.  Events and changes like that would be something that would keep the game fresh enough to continue playing.  I may pick it up once in a while, but overall this is a short-term, fun game.

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